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March 29, 2009

As per usual, I am finding the need to apologize for my lack of writing. 02/to-bless-apology.html 02/to-bless-apology.html

If you were to see me these days, this raccoon is a good example of what I am looking like.  

Working 12-14 hours a lot of days each week has taken a toll. 

I have heard a number of “oooh. you look tired.” Which everybody knows means “oooh. you look shitty.” 

I am having a pretty serious people pleasing complex right now. I feel the need to apologize constantly. ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I am sorry that I am not at the salon when every client wants me to be there. I am apologizing to the people at my new job because they are dealing with my school schedule. I am apologizing to teachers and students because I can’t stay after class to talk to the teacher, or plan an algebra study session with my classmates. I am apologizing to Man-Friend for being tired and crabby most of the time, as well as for never being home, present, or fun. I am apologizing to all of my friends, because I don’t know what is going on in anyone’s life, nor have I spent quality time with any of them. I have been apologizing to my family, because I cannot remember the last time I had a real conversation, a normal conversation, where I haven’t had to rush off because I am too busy. 

If I could clone myself, now would be the time.

Ooooh. Scratch that, I am going to make robots of myself. SmallWonder.html SmallWonder.html

Who wouldn’t want Vicky cutting and coloring your hair?

There are a ton of people who really want to tell me that I am ridiculous for working as much as I have been. To be honest, all of the naysayers really just motivate me to continue handling the “sans day off schedule” even more than I already have been. All in all, I am just hoping this extra work results in being able to pay for the wedding. 

So, I am really writing on here just to get more of the apologizing out of the way. I am tired. My creativity and comprehension is without a doubt lacking right now. 

I am sorry. I can honestly tell you that I am living life to its fullest. At least in the working department. Next time I have a day off, I will try to find time to tell you about it. (next day off- april 12)

I am going to try to make a conscious effort to get my booty writing. It would probably be very helpful if I did, organize my thoughts and shit.


How have I not seen this yet?

March 16, 2009


I don’t know if I am the only person in the world who had not seen this, so perhaps I am posting this unnecessarily. There is something about this video, I assume the music, that just makes me want to weep. 

It definitely makes me love these two more…



Good Morning, Day!

March 11, 2009 ../3224800120/ ../3224800120/

It is 5:30 am, and I have gotten out of bed to “do homework” and “study for the math midterm I have in 3.5 hours”. Wait, why am I writing on this right now? Shouldn’t I be memorizing how to get the slope of a line? If I do not do well on this test, I BLAME YOU.

Waking up at about 4 am, I lay in bed making lists of wedding things I needed to do, questions I have for my new supervisor, things I should review before school today, and cool things I clearly need to bring to my new job, to give my new desk/cubicle a little kick. Finally, about a half hour ago, I decided that I should just suck it up and accept that I am awake for the day. 

So, saying to myself I am going to get up and study, I find my way to the couch, pet the cats, check facebook, make an itunes genius playlist (LOVE THIS FEATURE) and decide to write on here. Clearly time management is one of my stronger points. 2008/05/ 2008/05/

On Monday I started my new job. So far, I really think I am going to love it. Every office or cubicle holds a person who could be totally different from me, yet I know that everyone is working for something we all really believe in. At least, I like to think that. I know that I am starting Day 3 today, and of course I have high hopes of making a difference in the world, but with this kind of work comes stress, disappointment, etc. I really feel like with all of that in mind, I still will be inspired to walk down the halls and continuously hear people referencing mental illness awareness and acceptance as something that is worth fighting for. I hear people talking about grants for education, trainings, groups and support systems and I just want to eavesdrop. I want to hear it all, learn it all, and become an advocate and expert on how to make this, one of our world’s most ostracized of stigmas, something that is… well… okay. I love that I have a chance to become a part of this, and only wish I could have been at the place in my life years ago to be ready to take this on. 


In unrelated news, my salon is finally finished filming and being renovated. Tons of drama ensued, and let’s just say that the renovations? eh. So not worth the drama. I am so lucky that I am not going to be there full time anymore. Basically the salon looks like someone was trying to cover up dirt with yellow paint.  Or perhaps like  someone was covering up a murder and thought that “cheery” would make others forget what had happened It is cleaner than it was, for sure, but other than that… well, it has left much to be desired. tag/steve-case/ tag/steve-case/

The amount of “well that was a waste” that I have heard is rather astounding considering how I had recently come across too many people who thought they were going to become stars…


This weekend is the ever popular South Side parade. I am sad to say that I am not able to go, due to my new work every day of the week schedule. This is the first year I have not gone, I think, since I was in college! I was so disappointed when I realized I wouldn’t be there. It is funny though, because when I think about every year previous, I always end the day thinking that the south side parade is exhausting and full of corned beef. Or wait, that is both me AND the south side. 

Even though I cannot be there, my heart will be. I will be doing hair trying to make money for this damn wedding. 

I leave you to actually go do something productive for school. I leave you with an image of my favorite part of the south side parade. (Parade proper, not just the area. My favorite area image would be the 10 year old boys wasted, beer in backpacks, vomiting on corner. Preferably alongside older brother, or in some special occasions, their fathers.) ss/StPatsParadePic_5.htm ss/StPatsParadePic_5.htm


This week has gone by way too fast.

March 6, 2009

I incorrectly stated that I would be able to write more often on here this week. My apologies, as I am clearly a liar. 



This week has proven to be chaotic, to say the least. I have been off from the salon due to renovating/filming, which has been fantastic to try to catch up on life. It is looking like life is running way faster than I will be able to catch it anytime soon. I have been trying to plan the wedding, but even that has not been as productive as I was hoping it would be. Or maybe I am just waiting for something that will never come… Financials are stressing to the point where as I sit here typing I have shooting pains through my back that I know are purely stress balls. Yes! Always a good sign. 

The wedding is three months from today, and everyone in my life is freaking out about my slow planning, money, and details that have only recently slipped into my  nightly wake up in panic list making. I don’t know how people can do this for a living. I will want to throw a party after the wedding to celebrate that I will never have to do this again. 

I have been planning, schooling, and making house call hair appointments all week, and I am finding myself in a panic that I have not done half the things I planned. 

As I am headed to a hair house call in a few minutes, I am realizing that this post is pointless. Again, my apologies…


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