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September 1, 2009

A couple nights ago, I woke up to bring Ollie outside with Man-Friend in the middle of the night. 















When this happens, almost every night, Man-Friend and I stumble out of bed, and attempt to find shoes, leash, plastic bag, and somewhere in the midst of all of that, a dog that really has to relieve himself. Ollie has gotten much better about making it longer through the night, as well as whimpering in his training crate when the time to go is upon him.

Side note: I have my nose pierced. I am usually a small tight fitting hoop girl, but at some point after the wedding, I found it worthwhile to switch back to the stud, purely for easy removal for important work meetings. Also, a tiny itty bitty white gold star is wicked cute.

A nose stud: news/2002/11/01/Feature... news/2002/11/01/Feature...

 A nose hoop: news/1426987_New_Video_Pin.. news/1426987_New_Video_Pin..













But not to be confused with:


hula hoopNow that you have been updated…

So Man-Friend are outside in the middle of the night, and I itch my nose. I tend to be a very itchy person, so this is completely normal. 

No nose ring. 

These are the kind of things that freak me out in unreasonable ways. When we got back upstairs, I made the whole house (including the animals, of course) search the place like there was a warrant.

No dice. 

What is one to do? I have a weird nose that heals extremely fast, so I knew that if I left it for the rest of the night, it would hurt like a bitch when putting a piece of jewely in. Also, due to situations like this, I have had to have my nose re-pierced three times. Not cool. Also, I have a stupid amount of scar tissue there now.

Finally, after another warrant search, I found my trusty hoop. 

To be honest, I feel much more myself with the hoop in anyway. I think I am just afraid that people will judge more harshly if a hoop is there, as it is more noticeable. All in all, I feel better. I could rest easy at least until morning, knowing that the hole would not close.

And when morning came? I found the star stud. Some how, in my sleep… 

I removed the stud from my nose, and put it in my right ear. 



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