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be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…

July 28, 2010

Manfriend has been working towards becoming an animation superstar. Finally, after 18 months of hard work, he is graduating from animation school. We are hitting the road to celebrate his graduation in San Francisco.

With him working and being in school, and me working my booty off at one job, and supplementing the income with another, we have not had much time to just enjoy life. This weekend away is going to be a much needed break. Thinking about work has become second nature, so I hope I can disconnect, and that my anxiety filled shoulders can come down from my ears. Working somewhere that I care so much about is amazing, but at the same time, really difficult. I love that I can help so many people, but at the same time, I wish it was easier to let go of what I do at work, and actually leave it at work.

I have been thinking about this trip like it is a trip for Manfriend to meet the people who have taught him, to connect with those who learned with him, and to celebrate the goals he has reached and the ones to come. I need to remind myself that this is a vacation! I haven’t been to San Francisco in ten years, so I am pretty stoked to see what has changed, and to see what is the same.

Hilariously enough, San Francisco is where I branched off into the world of being a ridiculous stereotype. 10 Years ago, some of my friends and I decided to make our Spring Break an adventure to California. We went to San Francisco for most of the trip, but also hit Santa Cruz and Santa Clara. While in the Haight/Ashbury Area, I decided that the time had come to get a tattoo. I had no tattoos, although I did have a nose piercing.

So… as a stereotypical college freshman girl on Spring Break in California, I decided to get a tramp stamp, a tattoo on the center of my lower back.


Oh- and it is a Chinese symbol.

Now, many people will laugh when they read this… if anyone reads this. I prefer to think of it as a) hilarious and b) a true sign of when I grew up.

As someone who now has a lot of tattoos, people always want to talk to me about them. Sometimes this is fine, and other times it is really annoying. It is what it is, I just didn’t realize it came with the territory when I started this journey in San Francisco. My absolute favorite thing is when people make jokes about tramp stamps, to which I proudly announce my stereotypical back. It is there forever, unless I was to burn that skin off with lasers, so it might as well make me smile, and make me think of San Francisco.

Hopefully this trip will not result in a permanent stereotype, but if it does I sure hope it makes me smile about the great memories I am about to have.



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