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Letters to my fellow travelers…

August 27, 2010

August 22, 2010

Dear Man on Bus,

While I am sure the huge hole in the crotch of your pants does wonders in assisting with keeping your core temperature down on this summer day, the rest of the bus would be a lot more comfortable if you were wearing skivvies. Just a thought…


Your fellow bus passenger

August 27, 2010

Dear Woman on Bus,

I understand that the gentleman sitting next to you is a man that you are partnered with in some way, and that you are not very happy with him. I hear that he owes you money, but still asked you for $5. I also hear that while you may not know where the father of your child is, that you don’t care. While I appreciate the window into your life, the rest of us are a little uncomfortable with your yelling, as well as you discussing that you “don’t come round for days so that he can do what he wants”.

With all of this in mind, might I make a suggestion? I might consider not wearing a t-shirt that says:

“I’m not gonna lower my standards so you could raise yours!!”

Something about that just adds to the situation in a ironic, yet unfortunate way.


You Fellow Bus Passenger



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